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”More is more!”

Amoral, the Finnish progmetal sextet will release it's 7th studio album in early 2016. ”In Sequence”, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed ”Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows” album will come out in Japan on January 29th through Ward Records, and the rest of the world follows on February 5th through Imperial Cassette (Gordeon Music, GSA / Nightmare Records, North America).

”We went into making the 7th album with an Yngwie Malmsteen state of mind: More is more! Once we got our original singer Niko Kalliojärvi back in the band - expanding the group into a six-headed monster, with two vocalists and three guitar players – it was time to start the writing process, which was one of the most inspiring ones for me so far”, guitarist and founder Ben Varon says. ”More guitar parts, more keyboards, more back and forth between clean and growling vocals.”

Another angle used to get a fresh touch for ”In Sequence” was the decision to invite a whole bunch of guest musicians to play on the album, which was a first for Amoral.

”The album is filled with stellar guest performances from many talented musicians, who added percussion, female vocals, analog syths and ouds to the songs, amongst other things. The guests definitely helped take the songs to the next level.”

The list of guest-starring musicians include percussionist Teho Majamäki, Indica singer Jonsu and Acyl singer/mastermind Amine Benotmane.

”To me, 'In Sequence' is the logical follow-up to 'Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows', on which we took our love for grandieuse prog to new hights. 'In Sequence' continues on that path, though the return of Niko gives the new material some of that old school Amoral vibe. And I think this one turned out a touch heavier as well, not least because of the real-life based concept of the album”, says Varon.

The first single, "Rude Awakening", will be released on the 4th of December!

Amoral has announced the first bach of Finnish dates of the ”In Sequence” tour:

13.2. Jyväskylä Lutakko
5.3. Oulu Rummer´s Club
4.3. Kuhmo Hotelli Kainuu
11.3. Seinäjoki Bar15
18.3. Kuopio Henry´s Pub
19.3. Järvenpää Blackpool
22.4. Loimaa Seurahuone
23.4. Hämeenlinna Aulanko
29.4. Helsinki Virgin Oil
6.5. Turku Logomo

More shows will be announced shortly!


After spending the first half of 2015 recording their 7th album, Amoral will play a one-off show at On The Rocks, Helsinki on the 14th of November. The idea is to see how some of the new songs work in a live enviroment, as well as dust off some oldies from the back catalogue to celebrate the fact that original singer Niko Kalliojärvi is in the band once again.

"The On The Rocks show will be our only one for now, as the actual touring cycle won't begin until the new album is out, sometime in early 2016" says Amoral guitarist Ben Varon. "But since the album is just about done and we miss the stages, we decided to do one gig to ease the long wait. This is a great chance for us to try out some of the new material, and also to bring back some old favorites we haven't played in years. The old songs will have some new twists and arrangements to them now, performed as a six-piece, so we have a lot of practicing to do before November, and the audience can expect plenty of surprises!"

Tickets for the show are now on sale at Tiketti. You'll find the Facebook event for the show here.


Helsinki-based Amoral is now a six-piece, with original vocalist Niko Kalliojärvi returning to the lineup. Kalliojärvi's return has been cooking up since last year, and he will be largely present on the band's 7th studio album, on which they are working at the moment, with an early 2016 release planned.

”Damnation! The Amoral gigs I've done cameos at during the last few years have been fun experiences, so when I was asked to come back to the group, I was both surprised and excited. For musical reasons, but also since I've always been comfortable in said company”, Kalliojärvi says.

Niko continues: ”The new lineup let's us realize musical ideas in a whole new way. The more I've been thinking about it, the more it makes sense. Amoral has been broadening it's sound pallette throughout it's history – now, more than ever, we have a whole pack of aces up our sleeves!”

Songwriter and guitarist Ben Varon also sees the new possibilities that Kalliojärvi's return bring to the band.

”Niko's company felt natural both onstage and backstage, and hearing his voice -which I've always said is one of my all-time favorite growls - on those songs after a long while felt good”, Ben says.

”And once I realized what a great guitarist Niko is these days, the vision started to get clearer: this would be just the thing to take our musical journey to the next level! Two singers, three guitar players, one of which is now a part-time keyboardist... Things just got interesting!” 

Amoral's new lineup will make it's live debut at the Tuska Metal Festival afterparty in the end of June.


Amoral has released a live video for the song "Prolong A Stay" as an appetizer for the "Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows" tour that starts this saturday from Kuopio, Finland. The video was filmed at Nosturi, Helsinki earlier this year at the band's 10-year anniversary show by ETE Media Production. Watch the video here.

The "Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows" tour begins as a headlinging stint in Finland, before the band joins Dark Tranquillity for a three-week European tour in November.  

30-08 Finland - Henry's Pub / Kuopio

12-09 Finland - Osmos Cosmos Bar / Imatra

13-09 Finland - House Of Rock / Kouvola

26-09 Finland - Old Cock / Lappeenranta

04-10 Finland - On The Rocks / Helsinki

10-10 Finland - Calle Night Club / Kokkola

11-10 Finland - Jalostamo / Hyvinkää

18-10 Finland - Klubi / Tampere


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