24.09.2012 - Listen to previously unreleased Amoral songs in Playmysong!

24.09.2012 - Listen to previously unreleased Amoral songs in Playmysong!

Amoral together with Playmysong application give you an unique chance to listen to previously unreleased amazing songs! ”Sleeping With Strangers” and ”Staying Human” have been released in the US and Japan only until now.

Download the Playmysong application, create your own social jukebox and listen to the songs in your mobile phone.

Or even better: share the experience by playing the songs in your favorite restaurant that has the Playmysong jukebox system (you can find the complete list of the restaurants here: www.playmysong.com)!

 Amoral´s tour in Europe has started marvelously, and now the band wants to share the fun by revealing you the songs they´re listening to while driving around the continent – check out the official ”Amoral On The Road” –jukebox in Playmysong: you might be surprised of what the guys are enjoying on the road.

While listening to the ”Amoral On The Road” list, you´re participating in a contest. The winner is going to get a package of special Amoral items: A signed copy of ”Beneath”, an European tour t-shirt (available only at the Euro tour venues), a wristband, an Amoral skull patch and signed drum sticks!

The mighty package goes to the one who invites the most friends to play from Amoral´s playlist in Playmysong.


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