11.02.2012 - Media update

With "Beneath" US release date getting closer (Feb 14th!), the media coverage in the States has been on the rise. The reviews so far have been amazing (check out The Courier's, Explicitly Intense's and Flocked Media's kind words on the album), and new interviews keep popping up frequently (BestNewBands.com, Rock Nothing ButNordic Spotlight, Apoch's Metal Review, Metal Machine...). We'll keep you updated on new reviews and interviews through Facebook, Twitter and our Forum, so remember to follow those regularly!

In addition to the US media, there's been some cool Amoral sightings in other parts of the world as well. The last two issues of Japan's leading guitar magazine Young Guitar have had Amoral featured in them (with Ben showing licks off the new album on this month's DVD, check out the trailer here). We made our Philippines media debut in the december issue of Pulp magazine, and our guitar duo had a nice six-page feature in the november issue of Mexican guitar magazine Holy Shred.

So: "Beneath" hits the streets in thre US on February 14th, in Mexico the cd will be available on February 15th, we have a killer slot at the Finnish Metal Expo's main stage on February 18th, some more towns to rock in Finland during the upcoming weekends and a week of steaks, beer and showcases in Austin coming up in March. Also, there's all kinds of shenanigans being planned for this year, some which we hope to get to announce to you guys soon. Good times!