16.12.2012 - New album progressing & Pulp Summer Slam on April 27th 2013

Hi folks,

A little update of what's happening in AmoraLand... Ever since we got home from Europe, we've been hard at work finishing up writing the material for our next studio album. We're happy to say all the music is now pretty much written, and we're liking what we hear! Words like "epic", "prog", "challenging" and "cocaine piano" are just some of the key terms that have been used to describe the direction of the material. The lyrics are also well on their way, and so we felt confident enough to book the studio for the beginning of March. The release will most likely be around the end of the year. Naturally, we'll keep you posted about the sessions as they go along!

We're also very excited to announce our participation in the Pulp Summer Slam festival in Manila, The Philippines, on April 27th! What a way to end our long break from playing live, and reward ourselves after a long and (hopefully not too) gruelling studio session than to fly over to the far east to play a big show at a country we've never visited before. The lineup at Amoranto Stadium is pretty kickass, with bands like Cannibal Corpse, Coheed & Cambria and As I Lay Dying on the bill with us, so we're expecting a pretty kickass event.

And as if this wasn't good enough, it looks like we'll have some more Asian shows to announce soon around the same time... stay tuned!

-Ben & the guys