It's been 10 years since we released our debut album "Wound Creations", and that calls for a celebration! So we teamed up with Profane Omen and MyGrain, two bands we're friends with and who are also celebrating their 15- and 10-year anniversaries respectively, for a proper party.

Founding member Juhana Karlsson:

"This year is a special one for Amoral; not only do we have a new album out, but also ten years have passed since the release of our first album Wound Creations. Ten years can be considered a long time in this pitifully short human lifespan, and we have come a long way as a band since then. Even though some might argue that our current musical output doesn't bear much resemblance to our early material, we definitely do honor our past - Amoral wouldn't sound as it does today without all the necessary steps we have taken along the way.
Celebration of our ten-year-old first album will be the theme of the upcoming show in Nosturi - we will play material from Wound Creations that we haven't touched in a veeeery long time. So, this will be something special for both old-school Amoral fans and newcomers as well! See you all in Nosturi!"

So expect a bunch of OLD material in our set, as well as some guest appearances from the early days...

Profane Omen / Amoral / MyGrain
Nosturi, Helsinki, March 28th 2014
Tickets 13,5€ in advance, 15€ at the door
no age limit!

Get your tickets from Tiketti.fi . (http://www.tiketti.fi/Profane-Omen-MyGrain-Nosturi-Helsinki-lippuja/24351)