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October 31st 2014

Greetings everyone!

As I'm writing this it's a little less than a week before we board the plane to Berlin, to start off the European tour with Dark Tranquillity, Acyl and Lehmann Project. I can't tell you how we've waited to get back on the road and into the routine of playing show after show, getting tighter and better with each one, and enjoying different cities and audiences every night. We feel like we're in good form already, after tons of rehearshing and a string of shows in Finland, so we should be firing on all cylinders right from the get go!

September 30th 2014

Good day to you sir/madam,

Autumn is here, and so is our ”Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows” autumn tour in Finland, which we're about halfway through. Kuopio, Imatra, Kouvola and Lappeenranta were great fun, and next up is the Helsinki show at On The Rocks. Playing the new album all the way through has been a kick, it feels fresh to have piano and acoustic parts in our ”normal” set. Helsinki, Kokkola, Hyvinkää and Tampere (where we are part of the Lost In Music festival extravaganza) are still to come, so if you haven't already, try to catch one of these remaining "FL&DS" shows!

August 29th 2014

Greetings subscribers!

Another month coming to an end, another issue of Amoral Times hits your inbox... This month I wanted to write a column about an issue that's always in the back of an artist's mind (or at least it should be!), which is not getting stuck doing the same thing over and over, or relying too heavily on your own comfort zone. Our Finnish tour is also finally starting tomorrow from Kuopio, so a few words about that, as well as a brand-new live video! Enjoy!




Amoral Times 1st August 2014

Hey peeps!

Another newsletter here, this time with Pexi's update on his new project, info about our upcoming Finnish tour and some other stuff as well. It's been a bit quiet in Amoraland this past month, but the new songs they are a-brewin', and it's not long before we'll hit the road. I'm about to go rock out a few Pantera songs in tribute to our fallen hero Dime with our Dimebag Beyond Forever lineup, who's playing at Jurassic Rock festival next week in Mikkeli. It's always an honour and a pleasure playing those songs. And to do it with about 15 friends in front of tons of people going crazy... amazing :)

Alright, let's see what Pexi has been doing lately...





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