December 21st 2014

Ho ho ho dear subscribers!

Three nights 'til Christmas! I hope everyone is already in a holiday mood, the trees have been decorated, the smell of gingerbread fills the house, the Home Alone soundtrack is in the CD player and the eggnog is a-flowing?

As promised, the Amoral camp has a special Xmas present for you guys this year. And no, it's not that staged picture of me right there. As some of you might remember, we recorded an extra song during the ”Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows” studio session. Well, we never found proper use for this track, until now! May we present, our version of the Cure song ”Burn”!

I need to give props for the idea for this cover to our Street Team's own Diana, who suggested it to me ages ago, among other songs. Being a huge fan of that tune (as well as the Crow film it was written for), I immediately got into the idea. Masi was another fan of the song, and we quickly sold it to the rest of the guys as well. The moody song that ”Burn” is, we felt it would fit nicely with the ”Fallen Leaves” material. Diana also painted the cool artwork for the song, thanks again!

We kept the instrumental parts fairly close to the original, and Marco Hietala had nice ideas for the vocals which we tried on the spot with Ari in Kuopio. We think the cover turned out quite nice! Hope you guys agree.

Here's a (hidden) link to the song on YouTube. We'll release the song officially on the 28th to the rest of the world, when it will be available on iTunes (if you want to have an mp3 of the track), Spotify etc.

Have a merry Christmas and a super duper new year folks!

-Ben & the guys



We'd like to welcome Team Italy to the ever-growing family of Amoral Street Team chapters! Italy has always been one of our favorite places in Europe to play, and the crowds exceptionally into our music, so let's hope that with the help of this new Street Team we'll get the word out a bit more and hopefully to tour over there again soon!



There's a cool fan art gallery on the Amoral Fan Club North America Facebook site, where different Amoral-related fan art has been collected for all to enjoy. If you haven't already, we strongly suggest you check out this killer collection of art from our talented fans from all over the globe!