March 30th

Hey folks,

first of all, sorry for missing out on the February issue: we were kind of "in between" news and deep into the work on the new album, so it basically slipped our minds...

But the big announcement is now official, and many of you have probably already heard: Amoral is now a six-piece! We're happy to welcome back Niko Kalliojärvi, our original singer, who will not only handle the growling vocals in the future, but also backing vocals and guitar! Read more about this in the press release below. But needless to say, we are beyond excited about this, and believe this will make us that much better a band!

Like just mentioned, the work on our 7th album is going strong as we speak: me, Masi, Niko and Pexi are working daily in my basement studio, laying down the guitars, bass and synth tracks (as well as all kinds of other goodies, like theremin, electronics, weird sounds and pretty much anything we can think of that's worth a try), and so far so good! The goal is to have most of the album done by the end of April, though I'm sure some vocals and guest appearances will take a bit longer. In a couple of weeks it's time to get Ari in here to begin with the vocals...

We will keep you updated on the studio prosess with these newsletters, but out Instagram page is updated almost daily with pictures of the recordings, so make sure to follow:

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Helsinki-based Amoral is now a six-piece, with original vocalist Niko Kalliojärvi returning to the lineup. Kalliojärvi's return has been cooking up since last year, and he will be largely present on the band's 7th studio album, on which they are working at the moment, with an early 2016 release planned.

”Damnation! The Amoral gigs I've done cameos at during the last few years have been fun experiences, so when I was asked to come back to the group, I was both surprised and excited. For musical reasons, but also since I've always been comfortable in said company”, Kalliojärvi says.

Niko continues: ”The new lineup let's us realize musical ideas in a whole new way. The more I've been thinking about it, the more it makes sense. Amoral has been broadening it's sound pallette throughout it's history – now, more than ever, we have a whole pack of aces up our sleeves!”

Songwriter and guitarist Ben Varon also sees the new possibilities that Kalliojärvi's return bring to the band.

”Niko's company felt natural both onstage and backstage, and hearing his voice - which I've always said is one of my all-time favorite growls - on those songs after a long while felt good”, Ben says.

”And once I realized what a great guitarist Niko is these days, the vision started to get clearer: this would be just the thing to take our musical journey to the next level! Two singers, three guitar players, one of which is now a part-time keyboardist... Things just got interesting!”



Amoral's new lineup will make its live debut at the Tuska Metal Festival afterparty in the end of June. The exact date and venue will be announced shortly. We will even be playing a new song at this gig, so try to get there!



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