November 8th 2015


The Street Team Interviews continue this month, and now it's Ari's turn to answer the team's questions. So without further adue, let's get to it....


Six years have passed since the moment this guy joined Amoral and started a new erain the history of the band. Amoral’s music became more melodic and full of new shades, senses. No doubt, the musical instrument he owns has a unique sound. So who is this guy?

Of course most of us already guessed that we’re talking about Ari Koivunen. This interview is made by Katia from Russian team, Misha from  Czech team, Danni from Chilean team and Annika from Finnish team.

Q (Annika): Ten years back from now – would you ever have thought about being member of Amoral?

Ari: Nah, I heard about Amoral the first time about ten years ago, and tho I listened to death metal a lot at the time I wanted to do more classic rock style stuff back then, so it never even crossed my mind.

Q (Katia): Many fans are worried about this question: how is your relationwith Niko? Are you friends or not and how is it to be on stage with him? It seems your energies are as different as a song of ice and fire.

Ari: Niko is one of the nicest and funniest dudes you will ever meet, I love that guy more than ice cream. Our energies are really different, but I think it’s just a good thing.

Q (Katia): There is a widespread opinion that vocalist is the voice and faceof the band. Do you agree with this sentence? And if you agree how does it work with two vocalists in one band in your opinion?

Ari: I don’t totally agree. In many cases it is so, but usually the singer is not the one writing the music. I also think that vocals is just another instrument amongst others, so in guitar driven music the guitarist might just as well be the voice and the face, or any other member, like Peart in Rush, at least for me.

Q (Danni): Are you thinking about going to tour in Latin American continent?

Ari: It isn’t up to us at all, but we’d love to go!

Q (Annika): I think all Amoral fans have their favourite album. Which one is your favourite? And why this one?

Ari: As a member I’d say it’s always the latest one, as a fan, Decrowning might be my favourite.

Except Amoral you have another side projects, so now we’ll talk about some of them...

Q (Misha): More than half a year you have had a role in a musical called I wanna rock and you sing classic rock songs there. I noticed you „are“ David Coverdalein the musical singing Here I go again but that’s not all. Who else are you? How many roles you have and which role (and costume) in this musical is your favourite?

Ari: I’m mostly in the role of Mike Monroe but also Axl Rose and kinda Joe Perry. I like them all really, but David may be my favourite.

Q (Misha): I just saw some videos from the musical and must say you look very naturally there. Is it hard for you to play the roles or do you feel comfortablewith that and really enjoy it?

Ari: I feel pretty cozy, I’m not trying to imitate anyone so it’s quite easy and nice. I’ve done theatre when I was younger so this is not totally new to me, I kinda enjoy it.

Q (Misha): Almost same kind of music as you sing in the musical you also perform usually with your group called Ari Koivunen & Ilja Jalkanen/Luca Gargano jukebox. Who is making the playlists for these performances? Is it any kindof teamwork or do your fans have opportunity to vote what they want to hear?

Ari: Well, it’s called jukebox for a reason, we play almost exclusively song requests that people can leave in advance or request at the venue during the gig.

Q (Katia): I guess many people in the world want to know answer to the next question: when do you plan to release new solo-album?

Ari: Who knows, maybe next year, maybe never. All I can say is don’t hold your breath :D

Q (Katia): Have you ever thought to start studying vocals or take vocal lessons to develop your voice, learn some vocal techniques? Only deaf can’t hear your vocal progress through last years, but it seems it goes pretty naturally with your voice now.

Ari: Haven’t really thought about it but it wouldn’t hurt, I’ve really always just sung the way it feels natural.

Q (Katia): Ari, we all noticed your passion to stuff related with console videogames (t-shirts with dudes from Super Mario Bros, pics with joysticks everywhere and so on). Is it serious deal with advertisement or are you just crazy about them?

Ari: I’m just crazy about them! I’ve been playing Nintendo since 88 I think and it’s the biggest part of my personality really. I have had some chances to test out new games in advance tho and maybe get them a bit earlier, but yeah, I just love Nintendo games, that’s all.

Q (Katia): As I know from my personal experience videogames are quite pleasant escape from reality and sometimes you just can‘t tell yourself „stop“ even if your eyes and fingers start bleeding. Have you (at your present age) ever felt you don’t want to go back to the real life? And have you ever felt you wanna stop playing games at all?

Ari: Well hell yes to the first one, real life sucks compared to saving princesses, driving a kart upside down or shooting kids/squids with a watergun full of ink. I’ll be a gamer as long as I live, it’s not just the games but also about the friends you play with, the whole community and everything, just having a good time and a friendly competition at times too. When we get together (with gaming friends) it’s not just playing videogames all the time, we also play sports, boardgames or just talk for hours.

Q (Annika): When you are on tour what do you like to do on your spare time?

Ari: Sleep. sleeping is VERY important for singers. I also play games, watch movies/series and try to meditate.

Q (Misha): I know you can play basketball and like skateboarding. Are you still active in them? How much time per month (or year) you spend doing any sport activities?

Ari: I try to play as many sports as I can as much as I can, it usually isn’t much nowadays but still. Sometimes I play table tennis for 6 hours straight or something, just anything that makes you move and stay active.

Q (Annika): Do you have any favourite song (or few favourites) that means a lotto you or that you can’t live without? If so, which song is it and why you love it so much?

Ari: Many i guess, most of them pretty usual boring stuff, stairway to heaven, catch the rainbow and such but also some rap, jazz, classical songs and videogame music for sure, and some full albums like great southern trendkill, dark side of the moon etc.

Q: (Misha): We were talking about classic rock music. For me this kind of music is associated with the era when people were buying LPs and listening to themon typical gramophone. It seems the era of LPs is back. What is your attitudeto vinyls? Do you have any and do you listen to them? Do you still buy new ones? What kind of music player you prefer the most for listening to music?

Ari: I love vinyls! I have some but don’t own a player right now. I usually listen to music only when I’m driving or jogging nowadays, at home it’s pretty much just game music.

Q (Misha): Is there any musician you would like to see live yet? If so, who is it?

Ari: Many that are already dead, not that many that are still active tho. I’ve seen a LOT of gigs in my life and don’t go to many anymore.

Q (Danni): What is your favourite food?

Ari: Hard to name just one but pasta is always a good choice.

Q (Annika): Everyone knows you have long hair. But how you did it that your hair are so long? Do you have any tip for us?

Ari: Don’t wash them more than once a week, and always rinse with cool water.

Q (Katia): Ari, what do you dream about, in common, in your life? But seriously, not in a  "I’m dreaming about tacos“ way!

Ari: I’m dreaming about videogames :D Ummm, I just hope people are kind to fellow people, use common manners and try to listen to what other people say and understand them.

Q (Danni): Would you like to visit Chile in a near future?

Ari: Why not, I like travelling.

Q (Danni): Would you like to learn Spanish?

Ari: Sure.

Q (Annika): You have some tattoos. Do they have any special meaning to you?

Ari: Yes. Every single one of them.

Q (Misha): Is your decision about the tattoos usually spontaneous or do you think about it for a longer time till you go to the tattooer? Do you plan any new tattoo?

Ari: I’ve never got a tattoo drunk or anything if that is what you mean :) I have many ideas about new tattoos and for sure will get more.

Q (Danni): What is your philosophy of life?

Ari: Be kind to other people and enjoy the ride. Find your one true gift and give it away.


Thank you!

Katia, Annika, Danni and Misha



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