October 5th 2015

Good day!

Hopefully everyone's autumn has started off nicely! Here in Camp Amoral things are moving along: the details concerning the release of "In Sequence" are in constant progress, and we should be able to give you some proper info on the relese date pretty soon. Meanwhile the band is hard at work practicing to get the new six-piece lineup into top shape, both for the Helsinki show in November but also for next year, when the extensive touring will begin. It's been a lot of fun playing some really old songs again, as well as arranging some newer ones for either three guitars or two guitars and keyboards. It makes songs we've played a thousand times feel fresh again!

We'll continue with the Street Team interviews that was started last month with Juffi's in-depth interview. This time it's Masi's turn, who answered the Team's "Would You Rather" questions in his own familiar, sharp way. Also, I've included some info about my new side project Alcyona Sky, for those of you who might be interested in hearing my playing and songwriting in another context beside Amoral.





Bea and Marta of Team Poland and Maggi of Team USA had the honor of interviewing the talented guitarist Masi Hukari of Amoral. His musical journey began many years ago when he played piano, but it wasn’t until he saw Steve Vai shred in a David Lee Roth video did he pick up a guitar. You can read more about Masi’s story here.

With their 7th studio album in the works, Amoral have been quite busy lately. Fortunate for us, Masi was able to set aside time to wittily answer some questions for us in a Would You Rather-style format.

Q: Live one life that lasts 1000 years / live 10 lives that lasts 100 years each?

Masi: With the same consciousness? Either way it's way too much! So I guess 10 x 100.

Q: Watch comedy or horror?

Masi: Horror absolutely! I must admit that I'm a pretty recent fan though. I never used to watch horror movies all that much, until I started to write music for them.

Q: Change the past / be able to see into the future?

Masi: Change the past. But I would just change random and stupid stuff like give Pope Constantine a Salvador Dali moustache or make everyone in some war wear clown hats. Oh! And "Agadoo" by Black Lace would be the national anthem of every county in the world and when you were singing it you would have to do the dance too!

Q: Never be able to speak again or always have to say everything that is on your mind?

Masi: "Sir, your monologues on Carnatic music, which you ingeniously interject with vague and spiraling ramblings on forensic anthropology, string theory and references to the Dalai Lama are almost as fascinating as your structural analyses of modal hiearchy in penguin colonies. And by all means, please tell me more about your fucking comic book collection."

Said nobody ever.

ie. I would shut up.

Q: Be able to play every single instrument pretty well or be amazing at playing one particular instrument?

Masi: I believe I have made this choice, haven't I. No regrets there :)

Q: Be able to speak fluently every language in the world or be the best in the world at something of your choosing?

Masi: I guess all those languages would come in handy. You do realize that it is estimated that there are about 6000 different languages in the world? Just being able to say: "Never mind the menu, just bring me a beer and some Palak Paneer, please" in 6000 thousand languages would be more awesome than being the best chess player in the universe!

Q: Kick ass in the shadows / kick ass everywhere anyone can see you do it ?

Masi: In the shadows, so no one could see me doing dumb stuff like that.

Q: Have a quiet night with a glass of wine/ have a bunch of friends over for a wine night ?

Masi: There's a time for all that, but I would say that the quiet nights are more numerous.

Q: Have people think you're funny/ have people think you're smart ?

Masi: Usually by default people who are funny are also incredibly smart. Just think about it. Groucho Marx, Tim Minchin, Peter Sellers, Bill Hicks etc.

So I'd be funny, unless "funny" to you means making dumb faces and falling down a lot. Then smart, unless "smart" to you means some egghead whose always peppering conversations with theories he just read from Derrida.

Q: Be the person to split up Barack and Michelle/ be the person to split up Brad and Angelina (;))?

Masi: I don't care either way. It would be a coin toss, but either way I would feel bad about something so stupid and pointless.

Q: Found out your spouse is your cousin/ find your spouse with your cousin?

Masi: The later.

Q: Share a toothbrush with your partner to the rest of your life/ share an underwear with your partner to the rest f your life?

Masi: Toothbrush. It's very hard to go skateboarding wearing a thong.

Q: Date someone who hasn't read a book in a year/ or who hasn't cleaned their room in a year?

Masi: I can't imagine somebody who hasn't read at least a book a year being very good conversation. So I would go with the messy girl. We'd just hang out at my place where I clean up at least once every 6 months :)

Q: Swim in a lake where something unseen brushes your leg every five minutes/ camp in a woods where something is constantly breathing outside of your tent?

Masi: The camping thing. It happened to me once in Lapland! I was trying to sleep in my tent and heard the sound of and animal eating grass and breathing. Because I'm so smart (and handsome and incredibly modest) I figured that the kind of animals that are dangerous to humans generally don't eat grass so I took a peek. It was a beautiful deer. It stayed close to the tent when I got up to make my morning coffee and just looked at me going about my business. Pretty cool moment.

Q: Have a third nipple/ advertise an STD clinic?

Masi: "The good thing about STD's is that you only have to catch them once!"

"Come on in you sick fucker!"
"For the person who has it all - we have antibiotics."

"The doctors have proven that you can't get HIV from a mosquito, we say if you're dumb enough to have attempted intercourse with a mosquito, you need all the help you can get."

(I'd be fired in a matter of minutes.)

Q: Have no one show up for your wedding or no one show up to your funeral?

Masi: Seeing that I will probably be dead at my funeral, I probably would not care if any of my friends showed up, it would be nice if at least a couple of of them came to my wedding though.

Q: Have no internet or no cellphone?

Masi: A far as I'm concerned somebody could blow up the internet tomorrow and I wouldn't give a damn.

Q: Know the date of your death or the cause of your death?

Masi: Tough one. Probably the date. I had a dream once where I got killed by a toaster that fell out of a tree and hit me in the head while I was delivering Ethiopian food for the International Numismatic Convention attendees. I'm pretty sure that is the way I'm going to go. It's also the only reason that I'm affraid to go to New York. (Just for the record: I have recently also found out that toasters don't actually grow on trees.)

Q: Prefer to read minds or fly?

Masi: Fly. That would save a lot of time and be a great excuse to wear a cape and spandex!

Q: Kick anyone's ass with awesome superpowers/ cure and heal any illness or injury, saving any life you want to?

Masi: Easy. Cure and Heal. Peace!

Q: Listen to a friend in need/ give advice?

Masi: Listen. Usually people don't need advice, but everyone needs a shoulder from time to time. It's much more helpful in the long run.

Q: What´s going on with you at the moment?

Masi: I'm currently sitting on the train going to Tampere to do some live recording for my friends band. Feeling pretty excited, because it's the frst time I'm a live recording engineer. 

Other than that I've been checking out a lot of new music and finding inspiration for upcoming projects. I will write some movie music for a horror film later this year and I'm also working with the English poets Bob Beagrie and Andy Willoughby to do some music/poetry shows some time next year. Possibly even a book/cd collection of our works.

And of course I'm really looking forward to playing the new Amoral stuff for all you people!

Thank You Masi!



Just in case you for some reason don't have one yet: the tickets to our one-off show at On The Rocks, Helsinki on the 14th of November are on sale at Tiketti. Don't miss out, it's gonna be a fun night with quite the setlist, including brand-new songs! Our pals Dead Shape Figure are opening the evening, which makes it even cooler. See you there!


After of working on it for a while, the debut album of my new side project Alcyona Sky is finally done! The album will be out next year, and already a lot of the people who've heard it have told me they can definitely recognize the songwriter. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not... :) We've put up an FB page, where you can read the details of how this project came about in the biography, and our first single "Long Time Coming" can be heard on our SoundCloud page.

That's it for now! Until next month,